French Press: ‘Greek economy wakes up from a long nightmare’

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Extensive tributes, with positive comments on the course of the Greek economy, are published today by the French magazines CHALLENGES and L EXPRESS.

CHALLENGES publishes an extensive report by Alexia Kefalas entitled “Greece wakes up from a long nightmare”, where it is stated that, while the country has compensated the IMF, it has regained its dominance and tourists are returning, public accounts remain in the hanging stage daily life difficult, under the pressure of inflation.

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“We believe in the real recovery of tourism, despite the difficult economic situation due to the war in Ukraine and inflation,” Alexandros Vasilikos, president of the Hoteliers Association, told the magazine. its seriousness in welcoming visitors by lifting precautionary measures “. The report also mentions a multiplication of investments, which increased by 12.7% in one year, mainly thanks to the installation of data hubs of multinationals such as Pfizer, Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom or even ecological projects. such as those of Volkswagen.

“We must say that Kyriakos Mitsotakis handles the language of Davos well,” says George Pagoulatos, a professor of economics at the University of Athens.

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“The rise to power of Alexis Tsipras, leader of the radical left-wing party Syriza, in 2015, did not help,” continues George Pagoulatos.

The magazine EXPREES also published an article by Philippine Rober on the Greek economy entitled “Greece: the long recovery. Twelve years after the debt crisis, the country is finally raising its head” and subtitled “Twelve years after the debt crisis, the country “It has started to turn some painful pages. But the signs have not disappeared and the challenges are still many.”

The article initially refers to Elliniko Park, the first part of the renovation project of the old airport of Athens, overlooking the Aegean.

Like Elliniko, Greece seems to be reborn after experiencing hell, the article points out, as well as the fact that the government announced in the spring the repayment, two years earlier, of its debt to the International Monetary Fund.

It is also reported that in the first quarter of 2022 Greece’s gross domestic product increased by 7%. “A surprisingly good percentage, given the global situation that came from consumption,” notes Dimitris Katsikas, an economist at the ELIAMEP think tank, who looks forward to an even better second quarter despite the Ukrainian conflict and its impact on inflation.

Source: Capital

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