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French restaurant owner charged with manslaughter after serving sardines that killed Greek woman

With categories like “manslaughter” and “sale of spoiled or toxic food” the owner of the Tchin Tchin Wine bar in Bordeaux will be brought to trial of Francewhere last September, after ate canned sardines contaminated with botulism toxinone A Greek woman lost her life and fifteen other people fell ill.

As reported by the 20 Minutes website, the Bordeaux public prosecutor’s office had “immediately” launched an investigation with the main charges “negligent homicide, negligent injuries due to intentional non-compliance with a duty of care imposed by law or regulation, exposure to the risk of the lives of others , the failure to provide assistance to a person in danger and the sale of spoiled or toxic food” etc.

The expert evaluations and technical examinations carried out “as well as the multiple and meticulous investigations carried out in the Bordeaux region” allowed “to point out various violations of hygiene rules by the person in charge of the businessin particular with regard to the manufacture of canned craft products sold to customers,” said the Bordeaux public prosecutor’s office.

The “accusations against the store manager” led to his detention last Tuesday, with penalties ranging from two to five years in prison and a fine of 45,000 to 600,000 euros.

Source: News Beast

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