Fresh and colorful make-up, post Covid beauty poster

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We will return to wear the lipstick. This could be the new “social” motivational phrase post Covid after the “We will return to travel” that accompanied wishes and dreams throughout 2020. The best way to express positive vibes is to do it with color, a source of good humor, a gesture statement which illuminates the face and communicates vitality.

The color rests on the eyes and mouth. Its intensity can be modulated, as are emotions. Makeup becomes an extension of the personality, which goes hand in hand with the tone of the mood.

“I imagine color blocks on the lids as impalpable as voiles,” he says Davide Frizzi, Dior International Pro Team e National Training Make-Up Artist.

After the important graphics of last season that focused all attention on the eyes, the gaze remains the protagonist but in a softer way to respond to the need for lightness and a new idea of ​​beauty. “There is a desire to wear makeup fromeffetto natural-beauty, which enhances the complexion with a natural and luminous result, but still covering. The degree of naturalness is decided by the skin with its needs and how we feel in our skin », he says Frizzi. “These months have given us the opportunity to treat her more and to understand how much she is skincare is important for the rendering of the make-up. It is the canvas on which to paint and on which the final result depends ».

To enhance the look, even the glow-revealing eye contour care is essential. The expert friends of the Maison talked about it in the second Dior Skincare Beauty Talk conducted by Gisele Bündchen and directed by Barbara Anastacio. The star product is Capture Totale Super Potent Eye Serum, which the facialists of the stars Joanna Czeth and Sophie Carbonari explain how to apply to maximize the yield and decongest the area, the most sensitive to aging and environmental factors.

«In the era of masks, the make-up was necessarily more graphic and impactful, while for the summer, where we will have the opportunity to be more with the face uncovered, the color becomes softer. I recommend making monotonous color blocks with a bright finish, such as Trafalgar red or Denim blue for the new ones Diorshow Mono Coleur Couture. All accompanied by lashes emphasized with the new Diorshow Maximizer 3D primer which nourishes and makes the mascara more incisive ».

«The eyebrows also change and become softer. The trend is made by the product: the new Diorshow Kabuki Brow Styler is an impalpable mine that allows you to draw a shadow between fur and skin. The integrated accessory is a brush that gives even more naturalness and distributes the color without making it high definition ».

«Women want to wear lipstick, it is a gesture of femininity that manages to illuminate the whole face. The trends go in two directions: long lasting and totally no transfer lipsticks, to be worn in the evening by combining, for example, a red shade and a black veil on the eyes, and bright lipsticks to be applied even without a mirror like Lip Glow, ideal for the day and as a product ready to wear to always keep in your bag. It gives a luminous and discreet finish, the color has the property of intensifying according to the labial mucosa for a personalized result. The new Universal Clear 000 shade, suitable for men and women, can be worn as a base for lipstick ».

To learn how to replicate the summer make-up looks according to Dior, think about it Digital Make-up School of Douglas in exclusive collaboration with Dior. There are three beauty looks to choose from: NUDE SUNKISSED: a radiant and healthy complexion, warmed by the first rays of summer enjoyed on a terrace overlooking the sea. An essential and refined look to extend the pleasure of a weekend in the sun even in the city. SOPHISTICATED EYES: blurred, intense and magnetic eyes in the fiery shades of a sunset over the sea. Iconic and established lips for a simply irresistible Couture touch. GLOW UP YOUR LIPS: flawless complexion, luminous eyes and lips as fresh as delicate rose petals, for a modern interpretation of the iconic Dior “Nude Look” protagonist of the catwalks.

Just call to book and receive the kit with Dior mini-sizes to carry out your lesson.

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