Friends 21: team that wins does not change (but watch out for Celentano)

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For years Maria De Filippi has been looking for the perfect formula to give to Friends and, in the last season, it seems to have succeeded. Eliminated the whites and blues, the onesies with the zip and the hood and the figures of the coaches that with the passage of time have become less and less relevant and necessary, Friends understood that the best way to lay the foundations for the evening was to strengthen the relationships built during the afternoon, and that is why the choice to continue for the second consecutive year three teams of singers and dancers led by two professors respectively it seemed not only the most suitable solution on a professional level, but also a guaranteed impact on the television medium. The professors, who the boys have raised and nurtured them in these six and a half months, bring their talents to the evening study without entrusting them to inexperienced hands, but guiding them and defending them to the best of their ability, including direct challenges, gauntlets, question and answer and the inevitable cards that are one of the few constants to never be changed in these twenty-one editions together with the curtains of Alessandra Celentano.

Maria De Filippi

Curtains that, even on the occasion of the first episode of the evening of Friends on Canale 5, they had the opportunity to explode in all their roar especially in two moments: when, addressing the jurors directly, the professor accused Stefano De Martino, Stash and Emanuele Filiberto of not having the credentials and the right knowledge to evaluate a dance test – as if only classical dance counted and the others were only sub-genres deprived of any dignity -, and when, accepting the challenge of Lorella Cuccarini and Raimondo Todaro, she put on the nun’s habit with Rudy Zerbi dancing to the tune of I Will Follow Him of the original version of Sister Act – leading Maria to literally laugh with laughter -. Someone on the Net snorts because it’s been years since the “teacher”, as De Martino calls her by way of teasing, has fun playing good and bad times inside the school, even if we, who are a bit of television we understand, we know that, deep down, the main reason why Celentano continues to hold the bank Friends it remains above all one: Celentano is what, in television jargon, some would define as a healthy bearer of dynamics, that mythological figure who manages to transform a format into a show that, for better or for worse, manages to get talked about.

The judges of the evening of Friends 21

The fear is that this overexposure of the professors – as well as their squabbles – leads, in some way, to obscure the potential of the children. Certain strategic choices of deploying this or that competitor seem, in fact, more than the moves to make the rival prof Friends they are not only competing for the victory, but also giving everything and everything to be able to build a career that is as solid and lasting as possible. It doesn’t help that, this year, there doesn’t seem to be a winner announced in either singing or dancing, with Luigi, LDA, Albe and Sissi quoted in front of the microphone as well as Dario, Serena and Leonardo at the bar. However, everything goes smoothly, giving Canale 5, more than a talent show, a variety capable of mixing together art, singing, dancing, entertainment and the professionalism of many talents who join forces to set up one of the few truly transversal shows of Italian television, capable of capturing the attention of the very young and the interest of the older ones. Something, however, we feel like saying it. To dare is not so bad, and try to focus on a different name, such as Gabriele Rossi and Anbeta, who Friends we have always seen as impromptu afternoon judges, it would not be a bad idea for the future.

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