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“Friends” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” have a wedding on the same day; understand

Despite “Friends” It is “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” resemble each other because they are comedy series, the productions share one more thing in common: the May 15th . In both series, the date was chosen to celebrate the wedding between two characters.

On this date, Chandler and Monica exchanged rings in “Friends”. In addition to them, Amy Santiago and Jake Peralta were united in marriage after a busy day at the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” police station.

For fans, both couples are a relationship goal and because of the connection, some internet users dubbed the date as “the wedding day of the best couples ever televised”. Furthermore, some fans of the series even want to get married on the same day.

See what Monica and Chandler's wedding was like on “Friends”:

Check out what the wedding between Amy and Peralta was like on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”:

On social media, internet users do not let the date go unnoticed. Look:

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Source: CNN Brasil

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