From 6/7 the speed limit recognition system is mandatory for new cars

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After 6 July all new cars will have to have Intelligent Speed ​​Assistance (ISA) technology. This is the speed limit recognition system, which is based on information from GPS mapping and road sign recognition. Under the new EU regulations, ISA will be active by default, although drivers will, for now, be able to deactivate the systems at the start of each journey.

According to the new EU General Safety Rule, manufacturers can choose how to warn the driver, audibly or with warnings on the digital instrument panel or with vibrations on the steering wheel.

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Recently, Ford engineers in Cologne took the system a step further. The specific system will prevent drivers from exceeding the speed in pre-defined geographical areas by intervention of the engine, while at the same time it will be a step forward towards autonomous driving.

For now, the ISA technology will only apply to all-new models launched after July 6. New cars already on the market and in showrooms will have until July 2024 to be equipped with ISA.

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The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) points out that this particular driver assistance system will reduce accidents by 30% and deaths from traffic accidents by 20%. On the other hand, the EU has a target of zero road deaths by 2050.

ISA, together with other accompanying measures such as automatic emergency braking (AEB) could prevent 140,000 serious road traffic injuries by 2038 in Europe.

The independent testing organization EuroNCAP says that better adherence to speed limits will prevent accidents and mitigate the effects of what happens on the roads.

Many models are already equipped with this system today. The next steps are to connect with speed sign recognition cameras, satellite navigation and smart software so that the car leaves its mark on exactly where it is, its speed and the speed limit. In case of non-compliance the system will be able to limit the engine power so that it cannot exceed the speed limit. That is, it will be a form of intelligent adaptive cruise control that will always be on.


Source: Capital

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