From a film critic to the frontline of the war in Ukraine – The man who turns hell into inspiration

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THE Anton Filatov he is a critic cinema who lived with his wife and their two-year-old son, while the most murderous weapon that he had ever held was a fork. The thin and tall man with a high degree of myopia, however, saw her Zoe of changing radically from February 24, since with its outbreak Russian invasion of Ukrainefound himself on the front lines of the battle with a Kalashnikov in hand.

Now, he’s shooting literally and not figuratively, but he writes through the mud in the trenchesso that highlight the horrors of war and the futility of killing, without imparting heroic or patriotic elementsas most people imagine.

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A Ukrainian soldier carries a coffin, November 22, Donpas

His new occupation, however, begins to create a fanatical audience, since several Ukrainian soldiers read what he writes, in an attempt to come to terms with the dystopian reality they experience. “Filatov exploits the gifts of war“, will be reported by Alexander Gusevveteran Ukrainian film critic.

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Filatov, however, even now does not see things that way and emphasizes how he writes to save his soul, which is destroyed by what is happening. In fact, to highlight the oxymoron of the situation, he cites a conversation he had with a drunk in the Donpas.

“I met a drunkard who told me that he is bound to continue fighting no matter what, because he has sworn an oath to the Soviet Union. How can you be obliged by a country that doesn’t exist?”, he says characteristically.

Source: News Beast

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