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From award-winning publicist to gastronomy: chef Gustavo Pereira has his story told in a book

To share their stories and the flavors they created and discovered, the chef Gustavo Pereira left her successful career in advertising to dedicate herself to cooking. Just as she immersed herself in her first profession for 20 years, earning her two awards in Cannes the 43-year-old from Minas Gerais went to study at the contemporary gastronomy school, Ferrandi, in Paris one of the main culinary training schools in France, and managed to make a dream come true and create its Partager buffet, which in French means sharing.

These two trajectories of the chef can be known in detail in “Shared Flavors – The incredible story of Gustavo Pereira” by Editora Reflexão, written by the journalist and writer Ricardo Viveiros 🇧🇷 The publication was released on Thursday (17) in São Paulo and is also available on the internet.

“Ricardo came to me after learning about my story and being enchanted. He wanted to write because people are looking to reconnect with themselves, with purpose. I studied, came back, opened a buffet in the middle of the pandemic. The story just got better and he wanted to show the readers that success is not simple or easy”, Gustavo told in an interview with the CNN Travel&Gastronomy 🇧🇷

Contrary to the stories of other professionals who changed occupations, the chef said that what also sparked the idea of ​​the journalist writing about his career was the fact that his first career was at its peak when he decided to change.

“You don’t have just one choice in life. Victory can come from two or more things. When [as pessoas] change history is always for a bad factor. Depression, heart attack, accident… But sometimes that’s not it. It’s just a purpose: ‘I’m successful and I can tell another story’”, said the chef.

O partager started with a focus on holding corporate and social events – with tasting menus at the homes of those interested. Gustavo presented the dishes and shared the stories of the delicacies served on the occasion. Advertising may have been left behind, but the storytelling from the publicity side the chef still seems active.

“At events I play with gastronomy, I share the history of the dish. Then came the pandemic and I was unable to tell the stories. So I created products, sent them to people and still tell the stories”, explained Gustavo.

From the buffet to taking his gastronomy to events, Gustavo opened a store in Jardins in 2021 where he sells what he calls affective gastronomy: cakes, brigadeiros, honey bread, pies, pudding and snacks. Since October, Partager has also been responsible for brunch at monastery of St. benedict with antipasti, salads, pastas, meats and desserts.

“We grow every day. The book tells this, until the current chapter. Now, the rest of the story might take another book”, jokes the chef, who dreams of taking his Partager to many places in Brazil.

“I want to take the brand to places I can’t imagine, all over Brazil. Stores to sell experiences, sellers tell the story of the product, make harmonizations. I want a gastronomic experience brand and to inspire people so that they have more and more access to good gastronomy”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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