From Peng Shaui to Margaux Pinot: the unheard complaints of sportswomen

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Margaux Pinot, French Olympic judoka, posted a picture of her swollen face. According to his accusation, it was his teammate and coach who devastated it Alain schmitt. His denunciation led to the arrest of the man who was however set free. According to the judge, there is not enough evidence of guilt.

The post is the reaction of the judoka, gold medalist a Tokyo with the French team. She writes that her partner punched her, crushed her head to the ground and attempted to strangle her during a weekend fight in Paris. She took refuge from the neighbors who called the police. He denied any allegations.

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«How much is their defamatory defense against my injuries and the blood spilled on the floor of my apartment worth? What was missing? Death in the end, perhaps? It was probably judo that saved me. And my thoughts also go to those who cannot say the same », writes the French athlete on social networks.

To the newspaper The Parisian she said the man came to her drunk. He was supposed to accompany him to the airport. “He often used to insult me, denigrate me, tell me unpleasant things about my character or my behavior. We had violent arguments, but he never raised his hands“. He said it was a fight like any other, with tugging on both sides. You said in court that “it wasn’t a judo fight, it was punches.”

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At least his case in a court has reached us, the prosecutor is ready to appeal and there was unanimous solidarity. Only solidarity from abroad is what it has had Peng Shuai, the Chinese tennis player who denounced the violence suffered by a former leader of the Communist Party. It was days before he made a public appearance after the complaint. When pictures were shown and also in phone calls made with the president of the International Olympic Committee it was not clear that the tennis player was totally free to express herself.

There is an international stance. The women’s tennis circuit, WTA, will no longer make stops in China and Hong Kong until there is news not mediated by the Chinese government of Peng Shuai. On the other hand, there is not the shadow of a trial, the accusation has not even been taken into consideration.

Two different cases that tell, however, how the world of sport is not immune from violence and how even well-known women are not believed in their complaints. As has happened in the past to others, including the very young girls of the US gymnastics team, with their complaints, however, to the life sentence for the doctor.

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