From the 7th Italy returns in color: which regions are immediately in the red zone

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From 7 January, immediately after the Epiphany, the Christmas decree will expire valid until January 6th. So what’s going to happen right after that? We will return to Italy divided into zones based on the spread of the virus. To each region it will again be assigned a color that, as we now know by heart, prescribes what we can and cannot do.

In the meantime, for a few more days, according to the measures of the Christmas decree, the country will be solid and will have identical restrictions everywhere. But from 7 January to immediately risk the red zone for now are Veneto, Liguria and Calabria, which according to the latest Iss report exceeded the value 1 of Rt.

But the same could happen to Puglia, Basilicata and Lombardy very close to that threshold.

The government will decide on the basis of the verifications of the new report of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità. Next week the control room will meet to understand epidemiological data that continue to fluctuate: on the one hand the contagion curve seems to slow down, on the other the increasing RT and, in the first bulletin of 2021, the positivity rate at 14.1%, still growing.

The Regions are also asking to contribute some changes on the 21 indicators to establish the assignment of the yellow, orange, red zones. Especially when it comes to counting fast swabs.

In fact, a different method of calculating the antigenic and molecular tests carried out could affect the positivity rate and, therefore, also on the attribution of the color of each Italian region.

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