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From the Guido Carli Award to PizzAut: weavers of hope

This article is published in issue 21 of Vanity Fair on newsstands until May 21, 2024.

The president of the Guido Carli Foundation Romana Liuzzo welcomed two ministers of this government, an illustrious jury and a group of entrepreneurs, artists and other personalities last Friday in Rome, on the stage of the Sala Sinopoli, inside the Parco della Musica, with these words : «Be builders of worlds». On that occasion, the fifteenth anniversary of the Guido Carli Award was celebrated, an honor in memory of the statesman who was Governor of the Bank of Italy and Minister of the Treasury, among the signatories in 1992 of the Treaty of Maastricht, a text which established the basis of the 'European Union. I was lucky enough to be among this year's winners, but I don't want to talk to you about that. In fact, there are two things that struck me about that evening and which you will find, in different ways but with the same content, in the issue of Vanity Fair from tomorrow on newsstands. The first: Liuzzo maintains (and I deeply agree with her) that in this historical moment we need to be “weavers of hope”. It is useless to set ourselves up as victims (Pino Corrias explains well what this means on page 18), blame those who came before us, blame or reject those who are different from us or have different beliefs from ours. In this era of polarization of the debate, where the good guys seem to be all on one side and the bad guys very separate on the other, on the contrary it is necessary to build bridges that build passages, communications and dialogues. Secondly, I was moved by a story that we have told on several occasions about Vanity Fair but which, every time I hear it, never stops making my heart beat. It is the adventure of Nico Acampora, founder of PizzAut, a chain of restaurants run by autistic children. Acampora, also awarded during the evening, recalled how at the beginning of his venture he received only negative comments when he wrote, in a post on social media, of his intention to undertake the PizzAut adventure. At the time, he didn't just receive the invectives of the usual keyboard lions. More: a doctor, an autism expert, commented on her post saying that her idea was romantic but impossible to realize. Here it is: the builders of worlds, the weavers of hope always move like bridges that unite realities and like solitary pioneers who never stop in the face of those who say “it's impossible”. We need them today. On the right, on the left, everywhere: we need builders of worlds, weavers of hope.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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