From Zac Efron to Austin Butler: who are Vanessa Hudgens’ exes?

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It seems that for Vanessa Hudgens the way to the altar is paved. for some days, It has been confirmed that she and her boyfriend, baseball star Cole Tucker, are engagedafter 3 years of dating. The actress therefore seems to have found the man of her life, but like all of us, she has a few relationships behind her, some happy others much less, which led her to her Cole of she. Here’s who all of Vanessa Hudgens’ exes are:

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Was one of the symbolic couples of the early 2000s and they were together for almost 6 years, from 2005 to 2011. They met on the set of High School Musicals and, together, they faced the huge wave of stardom that swept them after the release of the first film. A few years later, in an interview, Hudgens explained how it was his first love, but growing up their paths could only separate. They haven’t remained friends, nor do they continue to feel: they are just a nice reminder of each other’s past.


Another colleague known on the set. It’s about Josh Hutcherson and the two fell in love while working Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. They have never officially confirmed their relationship, but in more than a few interviews, with some allusions, they referred to their bond. It didn’t last long: just a few months in 2011. The actor, in an embarrassing hosted on TV, let slip that Vanessa had broken him and that their story ended badly enough. Now, apparently, they have remained friends even though no one has ever seen them together again, not even for coffee.

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Our Vanessa is definitely a person with long relationships and, in fact, with the protagonist of Elvis shared a whopping 8 years together. They were discreet enough as a couple that it took them more than two years to confirm their story. The actress, in 2014, after already three years together, wrote a post on Instagram calling him “the love of my life” and, indeed, they seemed destined to last. Then, in 2019, something broke, even if the reasons are not well understood. Vanessa was instrumental in supporting him in preparing for his role in Elvis which earned him an award nomination Oscars and, since the movie came out, he hasn’t stopped talking about his talent and how he deserves the success he has. Much less classy Austin who, in an interview, speaking of her and her help, defined her as “an old friend of the time”. A few days later, he corrected himself but it was definitely not a nice gesture.


Sorry about the basketball player Los Angeles Lakersbut he represented the classic “nail crushing nail” in the life of Vanessa Hudgens. Shortly after her breakup with Austin Butler, the two were repeatedly seen having dinner together and she, for a while, didn’t miss a batch of hers. However, it didn’t work: few months of dating in 2020 and they said goodbye. The actress, a few months later, was photographed with her future husband, Cole Tucker, while he started dating her current girlfriend, Winnie Harlow. Well that she went like this, so.

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