FT: West worried about Turkey’s deepening ties with Russia – Risk of retaliation rises

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Western governments are increasingly concerned about deepening economic ties between Turkey and Russia, warning of the growing risk that Turkey could be hit with punitive retaliation if it helps Russia evade sanctions, the Financial Times reported in a report today. as reported by Reuters.

Six Western officials told the FT they were concerned about the new deals between the two countries.

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On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan agreed to boost cooperation in transport, agriculture, finance and construction.

The two presidents “decided today to strengthen energy and economic cooperation, at the end of their meeting in Sochi (Russia), on the shores of the Black Sea,” the Kremlin said in a statement yesterday.

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They agreed to “strengthen trade exchanges” between their countries and “meet mutual expectations in the fields of economy and energy,” according to a joint statement by the two leaders released by the Kremlin.

Putin and Erdogan mainly supported the introduction of “concrete measures” to strengthen cooperation in the fields of transport, agriculture, industry and finance, as well as tourism.

On the political side, the two leaders stressed “the crucial importance of relations of sincerity and trust between Russia and Turkey to ensure regional and international stability,” the statement said.

Putin and Erdogan put special emphasis on the need to observe the Istanbul agreements on the issue of grain exports from Ukraine and Russia.

Source: Capital

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