Funding from privatizations and concessions is far from Guedes’ target

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The 5G auction, which had its final part this Friday (5), collected 250% more than the minimum amount, considering only the first day. It was the second largest auction in history, only behind the pre-salt.

However, even with the 5G surpassing expectations, the collection with the privatization and concessions agenda is far from the target set by the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, at the beginning of the term of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party), of more than R$ 1 trillion.

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The amount raised so far (not considering the second day of the 5G auction, when BRL 46.7 billion were collected) was BRL 185 billion. This is shown by an exclusive survey by GO Associados à CNN.

There are R$62 billion in privatizations, with emphasis on BR Distribuidora and Tag, a subsidiary of Petrobras. Together, they represent R$ 40 billion. There is also Eletrobras, which should raise R$ 100 billion, but it will only come out next year.

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Concessions totaled R$ 100 billion, with emphasis on the onerous transfer of the pre-salt and the Dutra and Rio Santos highways that took place in recent months. It has 5G now, in addition to airports.

The federal modeling concessions, highlighted by Cedae, a sanitation company in Rio, alone, for R$ 22 billion.

Expected investments by sectors

The telecommunications sector is the one with the highest investment value planned, pulled by the 5G auction, with R$ 39.1 billion.

Next comes sanitation, with Cedae (State Water and Sewage Company of Rio de Janeiro) standing out as the sector’s highlight in terms of investment, with R$ 34 billion.

The energy, highways, airports and railways sectors are listed below (see table below).

Reference: CNN Brasil

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