Funds: ‘Ceiling’ the salaries of the president of the Supreme Court for salaries of executives and bonuses

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The salaries of the presidents of general directorates from the public or private sector, who will be hired in the funds based on the new “regime” provided by the bill for the modernization of e-EFKA, which was introduced, will have a maximum salary. in the public consultation the Minister. Of Labor, Mr. Kostis Hatzidakis last Friday.

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The same ceiling will apply to productivity bonuses for the most efficient employees of e-EFKA.

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Unconfirmed information states that this “ceiling” amounts to close to 7,000-8,000 euros.

As provided by the bill “by joint decision of the Ministers of Labor and Social Affairs and Finance are determined the remuneration of the Heads of General Directorates of Article 3, including special remuneration in addition to the basic salary and their allowances, which remuneration is not subject to par. 1 of article 28 of law 4354/2015 (AD 176).

The same decision determines a performance fee, which is linked to a specific goal and is calculated on the total remuneration of the previous paragraph. In any case, the total remuneration does not exceed the limit of circumstance of par. 3 of article 28 of law 4354/2015 “.

Case a ‘of paragraph 28 of Law 4354/2015 provides that “Judicial officers and the main staff of the Legal Council of the State (N.S.K.), for whom as a maximum salary and additional remuneration or benefits, are defined the monthly salaries and allowances of the President of the Supreme Court, as defined by the respective salary law for the salaries of judicial officers, without taking into account the family benefit, the allowance of article 56 of law 345/1976 (A ‘141) , as well as the compensation of par. 3 of article 11 of law 3038/2002 (A ‘180), as replaced by article 89 of law 4139/2013 (A’74) “.

D. Katsaganis


Source From: Capital

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