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Fury in Moscow over US aid to Kiev: 'Ready to fall on their faces in the abyss, we will burn their supplies'

Anger prevails in Moscow over American aid to Kiev. Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov threatened on Wednesday that all equipment and weapons provided by the US to Ukraine will be “burned” by the Russian military. “America has chosen the path of war and agonizing delay of the inevitable collapse of the Zelensky regime,” Antonov told Newsweek. He then accused the US of “launching an all-out hybrid war against Russia,” with the Biden administration “encouraging attacks on Russian soil, including strategic deterrence facilities.” With relations between Washington and Moscow deteriorating to the point where even nuclear talks have failed, Antonov declared that “the US is precariously poised on the brink of a direct conflict between nuclear powers. But they cannot remain on the thin, frayed “tightrope” of world order. The US is ready to fall headfirst into the abyss, dragging others down with it,” he stressed. He claimed […]
Source: News Beast

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