Fuvest 2023 registers more than 15 thousand abstentions on the first day of competitions

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Fuvest, one of the most competitive entrance exams in Brazil, carried out the first phase of tests this Sunday (4), with general knowledge tests. The number of applicants for the 2023 entrance exam totaled 114,432, considering candidates and trainees. According to data released by the Foundation, in this edition, 15,835 people did not show up to take the test, equivalent to 13.8% of abstention.

The so-called trainers, who are students who have not yet completed high school, but who complete the process as part of their preparation for the following year, totaled 10,389, while candidates totaled 103,043. This means an increase in relation to the same phase of the entrance exam last year, when there were 110,775 candidates in total.

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For this year’s entrance exam, the University of São Paulo (USP) offers 11,147 vacancies, distributed among Fuvest itself, with 8,230 vacancies, of which 4,961 are open competition and 2,137 reserved for candidates from Public Schools (EP) and 1,096 for candidates black, brown or indigenous Public Schools (EP/PPI).

The other 2,917 vacancies will be offered by the system that uses the National High School Examination (ENEM) score.

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The Medicine course is the most sought after by students, with 14,401 enrollments. There are 118 applicants for each vacancy available. Psychology and International Relations are close behind, with 70.6 and 54.7 applicants per vacancy, respectively.

The opening of the gates, this Sunday, took place at 12h, and the test started at 13h. The tests lasted five hours and candidates could only leave after 4 pm. O official feedback was released at 19:00🇧🇷

Those approved for the second phase, with evidence of specific knowledge, will be on December 16th.

Next phase assessments are scheduled for January 8th and 9th, 2023. Specific skill tests will be administered between January 11th and 14th.

The final result will be announced on the 30th of January in the first call.

* Under supervision of Leonardo Rodrigues

Source: CNN Brasil

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