Home Politics G. Economou: Ankara’s provocative policy escalates due to its nervousness

G. Economou: Ankara’s provocative policy escalates due to its nervousness

G. Economou: Ankara’s provocative policy escalates due to its nervousness

Athens is responding to the new wave of provocative statements by Ankara, this time through Mevlüt Çavuşoλουlu.

“Ankara’s provocative policy continues with positions that are outside the framework of international law. “… Greece is facing all these unfounded things calmly and is giving its answers in the diplomatic field”, the government spokesman stressed during the briefing of the journalists.

No country has taken such drastic measures on energy prices

Focusing on the front of the increases, Mr. Economou said that the government is closely monitoring the energy crisis and the secondary precision crises.

“The government monitors, analyzes, plans and acts with the aim of repelling this scourge, protecting the citizens and securing the Homeland. The government, for the sixth consecutive month, implementing the commitment of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, supports households and businesses against “Since last September, € 1.7 billion has been allocated, to which an additional € 350 million has been added in February, bringing the total amount of aid to over € 2 billion.” .

“It is clear that these interventions do not fully cover energy prices, which is beyond the reach of even the most powerful economies in the world. It is equally certain, however, that no other country has taken such drastic consumer protection measures “Greece is making an excess based on the overperformance of our economic policy and our prudent management,” said Giannis Oikonomou.

As the government spokesman pointed out, the support measures for February, in general, include:

– Subsidy on electricity bills for all benefits of the main residence, which for an average household amounts to 39 euros.

– In households that are included in the Social Household Tariff, the average monthly aid is 51 euros.

– For professional consumers, who are contracted on floating electricity supply tariffs, the unit price of the aid remains at 65 euros per MWh.

– It is reminded that from November 2021 to March 2022, the suspension of the payment of Utility Services for the support of the companies connected to the Medium Voltage is also valid.

– The state subsidy for natural gas will amount to 20 euros per thermal MWh for all households and for the total monthly consumption.

– At the same time, “DEPA Emporia” will continue to offer a discount of 20 euros per thermal MWh, for all monthly consumption to its customers. In total, the benefit for households amounts to 40 euros per thermal MWh.

– The subsidy for gas bills to commercial and industrial consumers, regardless of size, turnover and number of employees, will amount to 20 euros per thermal MWh for all providers and for the total monthly consumption.

“Apart from direct subsidies, the government is taking energy-saving measures that reduce consumption on a permanent basis and therefore the bill. A plan is already being drawn up to replace old electrical appliances, air conditioners and refrigerators, which could lead to further reductions in consumption “At the same time, the ‘Save New’ has been launched, more than 80,000 households have so far applied and the operation of the platform has been extended until March 15.”

“The new measures reaffirm the government’s commitment to supporting households and businesses for as long as this unprecedented crisis lasts. But without compromising fiscal stability and the country’s development prospects. We know the problem, we recognize it. “Its dimensions, its size, the difficulties faced by Greek citizens. We are here to support the citizens and we will continue this tactic as long as the situation requires it,” concluded Mr. Economou.

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