G. Economou: From July we will all pay 70-90% smaller increases

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“From July onwards, with the intervention of the government, we are disconnecting the price of electricity from the price of gas. This will result in all of us paying 70-90%, farmers in particular 90%, smaller increases compared to these. that we paid before the implementation of the measures “stressed the government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou in an interview with Mega and the Live News show.

“The important thing is that we are talking horizontally about everyone, small consumption, large consumption, small and large enterprises, farmers. They will pay, based on the regulation planned by the government and announced by the prime minister, from July onwards and for a long time. “from 70-90% less than the increases we paid in the previous period,” he said.

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He noted that what the government is doing, with a very brave and substantial and well-thought-out intervention, is to rationalize to a great extent and drastically reduce the rate of price increases. “In essence, by suspending the implementation of the Adjustment Clause, which was the main reason for the price spike,” he said.

He pointed out that the government is redressing an injustice as higher consumptions above 300 kwh had excessive increases. “The government is coming and giving these consumers back retrospectively 60% of the burden they had on a family income of up to 45,000,” he said.

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The government spokesman reminded that based on the announcements of April, the companies with specific consumption will receive retroactive support from January to April. “They will see this relief in the accounts that will come in the next period,” he said, stressing that it is not true that small and medium-sized enterprises are outside government support.

He also stressed that for May and June we will have for the 300kwh increase from 80 to 85% of the coverage. “For all the rest from 300kwh and above we will have a horizontal 50% reduction of the increase. It concerns everyone for the main residence and for their other residence. For small businesses 80% and for the rest of the businesses 60% for May and in June, reducing growth “he stressed.

Concluding, he stated that no one is outside the scope of intervention of the Prime Minister and the government. “And in the refund, 45,000 euros perimeter for households and for consumption over 300 kwh and companies with the previous measures will see a correction now. In May and June the subsidy for 300 kwh increases, 50% subsidy for “300 kwh and above, 80% for small and medium-sized enterprises, 60% for the rest.

Source: Capital

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