G. Economou: New interventions to deal with accuracy will be announced soon

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“Attacking by thugs on campus, whether by hooded men, extreme left-wing activists, Golden Fascists or thugs, is reprehensible. “Not only in the words, in the laws we passed, in the procedures we implemented, in the people we brought to justice for the unacceptable attitudes against academics in the past, in the squatting we evacuated in the university community,” he said in a televised interview. on ANT1, the government spokesman, Giannis Oikonomou.

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Mr. Oikonomou noted that “this government will not allow, as we have done in the past, so we will continue without discounts, to jeopardize and question academic freedom and academic order.” At this point he stressed that it is sad, at the same time, the image that emerges in relation to what else comes to light and are issues that must be addressed by the Greek justice quickly and without discounts, not to leave any shadow. “Greek Justice, which is the natural place for clarifying such issues in a coordinated State, must do its job,” he pointed out.

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Asked whether the government was considering reducing VAT on basic products, the government spokesman said he would announce his intervention soon. He stressed that there is a constant mobility on the part of the government because since the beginning of autumn we are faced with information and signs of large price increases, which due to energy but also the difference between supply and demand due to the side effects of the pandemic has increased prices internationally. , all over the world. “From the outset, the government, at all levels, has intervened. And in terms of support to keep energy prices as low as possible (400 million in January alone to support electricity bills and “In households but also in businesses), we are monitoring the phenomenon in terms of increases and price increases that are expected in the near future, we are in constant contact with the market and we are considering a series of interventions,” he said.

Mr. Oikonomou also said that the intention of the government all the previous time was to stand by the side of society and provide substantial support in the very difficult with the lock down, supporting the economy but also the income, the Greek society, and on the same line will continue. He explained that the increase in the disposable income of households was done in various ways, increase of the minimum wage, tax relief, reduction of insurance contributions and will continue to be done in the new year.

According to him, the moves must be studied and careful because the economic support policy, which is needed by the Greek society and is in progress, must not endanger the solid basis for the development of the Greek economy, which is based on income, based on resources, on a number of things.

Regarding the special purpose permits for parents whose children have coronavirus, the government spokesman noted that it is an existing issue that will be addressed in a timely and complete manner, so that no worker is left unprotected or there are no uncertainties that will create problems. He stressed, in fact, that the Greek government took initiatives and faced a series of problems much earlier than other governments.

Also, Mr. Economou pointed out that the large dispersion of Omicron forces many employees to stay at home. “This mass is something new” he said and assured that “this issue will be addressed so that people are not burdened, the employer covers the compensation to be covered and EFKA participates because we are not talking about small amounts. tools and we will deal with it “.

Overall, it gave the impression that the government is with society and “we are on its side for all its concerns whether they are about pandemic management or accuracy management”.

In closing, the government spokesman stressed that from Monday, January 17, the fine of 100 euros per month will be imposed on 60 and over who remain unvaccinated.

Source: AMPE


Source From: Capital

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