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G. Economou on Turkish challenges: ‘Athens is fully covered by the conclusions of the European Council’

G. Economou on Turkish challenges: ‘Athens is fully covered by the conclusions of the European Council’

“The government, as stated by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis after the end of the Brussels Summit, is fully covered in terms of Turkish challenges by the conclusions of the European Council Summit, as they were adopted unanimously,” said government spokesman Giannis Oikonou. starting to inform political authors.

He reiterated that the European Council expressed its strong concern about the Turkish provocation and that Turkey must respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all EU Member States, while calling on its neighbor to respect international law and reduce tension in the Eastern Mediterranean.

“There are, as the Prime Minister pointed out, two paths for Turkey: On the one hand the path of de-escalation and productive dialogue with respect for international law and on the other the path of escalation which will lead Turkey to a further distance from the European Greece is not going to play the game of rhetorical tension which is often aimed at the internal audience, but it will continue to promote its positions in all forums and to defend its national position calmly and resolutely. sovereignty and its sovereign rights “, underlined Mr. Economou.

He also said that “the government welcomes the unanimous decision of the European Council to grant candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova, as well as the prospect of a candidate country in Georgia and under certain conditions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

He also stressed that at the EU-Western Balkans summit, the Prime Minister reiterated the firm position of our country that the Western Balkans are part of Europe and on the one hand Europe should show real interest in rapprochement and on the other hand these countries should move with greater courage in necessary reforms to bring them closer to the European acquis by contributing to the stability of the region.

The government spokesman then referred to the government’s work since taking office, noting that it has implemented policies with a strong social sign.

He stressed that these policies were made possible by the opportunity provided by the financial plan, the professional data management and the studied legislative interventions.

These policies and their results will be presented in detail in a pre-agenda debate in Parliament on 6/7 at the request of the Prime Minister on all issues related to social policy.

He also referred in detail to 12 key points of the government’s social policy and its results for our employees, the unemployed and our vulnerable fellow citizens.

He stressed that the government has received a miserable situation and no one forgets it: high unemployment, low wages, mass migration of young people abroad, hundreds of thousands of pending pension applications, huge gender inequalities in the workplace, non-existent concern for quantitative but quantitative demographic problem.

“Our government has turned the fruit of its economic policies into a social acquis for work, insurance, social protection,” Mr Economou said. “Because our principle is, as we have said many times, political humanity, because everything must be done first for man.”

In particular, he referred to the reduction of unemployment, the utilization of every national and community opportunity and the creation of new funding tools to provide € 10 billion in support for the employed and unemployed during the pandemic period. Also, to provide 2.8 billion in programs for the integration of 380,563 unemployed in the labor market in the three years 2020-2022. He indicated that despite the pandemic, the rate of job creation through the Public Employment Service (former OAED) has tripled, as 31,661 jobs are created per year compared to 10,627 in the four years of SYRIZA government.

He added that the unemployed were given institutional opportunities to actively and effectively support jobseekers. The training was also upgraded and modernized.

“Sixth, we give strength to the employee with the law for the protection of work”, stressed Mr. Economou and mentioned typical cases.

As the seventh, he mentioned the crucial decision, the care for the increase of the employees’ salaries indirectly and directly.

“Along with the policies, we pay respect and justice to the elderly,” he stressed and referred to specific measures.

“With decisive interventions we have broken the heavy bond of the outstanding pensions”, he stressed and also referred to the reforms in the pension, the important work that has been done in the field of social protection but also in the modernization of Greece regarding policies of overcoming sexism. gender inequality and the promotion of gender equality.

“The scope and depth of the government’s work took place in conditions of successive and huge international crises. The problems are great and the effects of both the crises and the decade of the memoranda afflict the country and its people,” Oikonomou said. completing its introductory placement. “We will remain committed to the basic issue of politics, but also of governance in our time: To cross the ocean of crises safely and to achieve together more for each, but also for all, for the Homeland, for our people and for our Nation “, he concluded.

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