G. Economou: SYRIZA adopts lies and slanders of dark circles on social media

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The reaction of the Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister and government representative, Giannis Oikonomou, to the question submitted by SYRIZA about the unaccompanied refugee children is strong. Mr. Oikonomou accuses in a written statement the official opposition party that it adopts “lies and slanders of dark circles” on social media and concludes by noting that “as long as SYRIZA officially adopts and incites such vulgarities, it leaves the only political imprint of the place is a stain “.

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Mr. Economou states the following:

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“For three weeks now, anonymous Twitter users have been trying to throw mud at the Government, the Prime Minister and state institutions regarding the unaccompanied refugee children in an emetic and miserable way. Irini Agapidaki filed an indictment with the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, SYRIZA, adopting the lies and slanders of the same dark circles, raises the question of whether the government is disappearing refugee children by clandestine actions !!! SYRIZA In fact, a Greek QAnon, because they are politically inadequate, they sell the soul of our Republic to the devil of emphasis. SYRIZA.

As Greek citizens remember, when SYRIZA ruled, hundreds of unaccompanied children lived in makeshift stumps, in the so-called jungle in Moria and Vathi of Samos, without supervision and without protection. Many others were homeless and hundreds were “housed” in cells at police stations, due to a lack of adequate housing structures. We changed this picture with the establishment of the Special Secretariat for the Protection of Unaccompanied Minors in March 2020, through a series of substantive interventions and in good cooperation with the European Commission, the European Asylum Support Office, the International Organization for Migration and the High Commissioner for Refugees. UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Our country now faces the issue of unaccompanied minor refugees as befits our culture and humanity. All the lies that SYRIZA invokes in its question, in order to support its vulgar act, will be answered in detail. “Whatever they do from now on, the conclusion does not change: as long as SYRIZA officially adopts and incites such vulgarities, the only imprint it leaves on the country’s political history is a stain.”


Source From: Capital

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