G. Economou: The government is considering new measures for fuel

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The possibility for new measures in the fuel market with the aim of dealing with accuracy was left open by the government representative, Giannis Oikonomou, through SKAI.

As he mentioned about the fuels, they have been “under the microscope” of the government, as was the case with the energy, where many distortions were observed, measures to avoid sharp fluctuations. “Audits are being made across the market, and whatever budgetary resources are available will be utilized,” he clarified.

Regarding the prices of the products, Mr. Oikonomou noted that “the controls are continuous, and the violations are punished with very strict sanctions. The sanctions with our legislative intervention from now on will be made public, so that the consumer knows which company backs, supports, it absorbs part of the cost, and how few are cunningly trying to make a profit and add to the tide of surpluses “.

The pressure on the weakest continues, the government spokesman acknowledged, and that is why the government is willing to take advantage of every new opportunity, “but without blowing up fiscal stability and the course of the economy.”

“We are on the side of the people as long as the crisis lasts with effective measures, a national plan for dealing with energy accuracy, we have made decisive interventions. “Those who have an income of up to 45,000 euros and with the new way of pricing from July onwards we will all pay from 70% to 90% less increases. At the same time the fuel aid program is running, we have reduced ENFIA and the minimum wage has increased” .

He accused the president of SYRIZA that in the unprecedented crisis that the world is facing after the First World War “appears to have solutions for everyone and everything”. “With one article and one law he will solve all the issues,” he said, however, he explained, the measures proposed by Mr. Tsipras would shake the budget in the air causing new taxes as in the period of his prime ministership.


Source: Capital

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