G. Economou: The government will resist and thwart the irregularity plans that some are striking

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By Dimitris Gatsiou

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Shots for yesterday’s leaks of the secret meeting of the Committee on Institutions and Transparency are fired by the government, through its representative, Yiannis Oikonomou.

“The government pledged to proceed with the investigation and clarification of the Androulakis case. This is a sensitive issue… The opposition has not stopped fighting for the Republic in recent days. Yesterday the hypocrisy was highlighted… The discussions about the EYP are confidential. It was found that it was broadcast during it selectively to specific media and its privacy was violated…Selective leaks to friendly media create a deceitful narrative that cannot be answered by those who respect the processes…Some are brutalizing institutions to gain temporary benefits…The government will do everything to protect the procedures… The government will resist and thwart the irregularity plans that some are striking…”, was the characteristic disgust of Mr. Economos, with multiple recipients.

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The government representative spoke of “a supreme instance of institutional disrespect” and added that the meeting of the Commission was secret and it is unethical to invoke some things that cannot be answered. At the same time, Mr. Economou emphasized that in tomorrow’s Plenary debate, the Prime Minister will approach with two axes. The precise identification and correct basis of the Androulakis issue and the measures to be taken in the future, in order to avoid similar actions.

“Regarding our perception of election time, we have positioned ourselves. The government uses the time to create conditions so that citizens can live better. The government guarantees the smoothness and democratic functioning of the institutions…And we hope the same let the other parties do the same…”, he emphasized.

G. Oikonomou: Politico proceeded with a reconstruction of its publication

In the partial reconstruction on the part of Politico of his publication yesterday, which caused the intense political confrontation between the government and SYRIZA, Mr. Economou spoke in the briefing room.

“A report was published in Politico, which contained factual inaccuracies and at the same time judgments that appeared as facts beyond doubt. And the government, as it should and rightly did, reacted with both a public announcement and a letter sent to Politico itself. Today, Politico is carrying out a partial reconstruction of yesterday’s publication, which proves that our objections were well-founded, because otherwise they would have been rejected in their entirety…”, noted the government representative. “Politico blurred the line between two different cases. National Security surveillance malware. Today it makes clear our position that the government denies any involvement with Predator and other malware. This whole story we believe is absolutely within the framework of Democracy and exudes health that is useful for citizen politicians and journalists. In the confrontation of opinions when they are done within the limit of the constitution and journalistic ethics there are no winners and losers. The only winner is the polity…Those who unleash mudras against the government why did he dare to question a publication, really today, what do they have to say when Politico itself hastened to reconstruct what it published yesterday… From where and how is this obscurantism and threatens the freedom of the press?”, said Mr. Economou. “Regarding my statement about Ms. Stamoulis, I have to say that every exaggeration is checked and could have been avoided, despite the fact that for some time now she has not separated in her texts the personal assessments she is entitled to have from facts that are sufficient times as it turns out to be inaccurate as happened recently…”, he added.

Source: Capital

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