G. Economou: The government will stand by those who are financially affected by the pandemic

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“We managed to keep our commitment that we will not go into a lockdown and the economy will close, and this is due to the government’s plan that paid off,” said Deputy Prime Minister and Government Spokesman Giannis Oikonomou, speaking to ERT1 this morning.

Mr. Oikonomou noted that the commitment of the government to stand by those who are financially affected by the pandemic is valid, adding that today there will be announcements from the relevant ministries regarding the support of professionals and workers in the affected areas.

“It is too early to say when the pandemic protection measures will be lifted, but they will not last long,” he said.

Regarding the increase in the minimum wage, the government spokesman said that it will come earlier than originally planned and will take effect from May 1, 2022. “It will be a brave and substantial increase, much larger than the first increase, in order for households to cope with pressure of accuracy they accept “, he added and referred to the relevant statements of the prime minister.

He also stressed that the government does not cultivate expectations but responds with actions to the needs of the citizens.

“The Greeks saw it in the difficulties of the pandemic with the lockdowns. Others are the ones who speculated politically when they were in opposition and then forgot about them. It is not worth dealing with them, people understand the support of our policy. Citizens know that they were given 1 “3 billion euros so far to reduce the energy crisis”, Mr. Oikonomou pointed out and added that as long as the increase in energy is dynamic, the government will not be left with folded arms.

“The state will be here to support households and businesses with targeted movements. It must stand by society when it is under pressure. The government must not lie about the real situation, because targeted moves must not jeopardize the economic dimension. “They must not jeopardize the stabilization of the economy and the development potential of the country,” he stressed.

He also said that in the near future there will be explanations for the process of compensation of those who are on sick leave due to coronavirus and the questions will be clarified by EFKA.

Regarding the suspensions of the health workers, Mr. Oikonomou said that the period of suspension of the unvaccinated doctors and nurses ends in March, noting that if they are not vaccinated, it is possible that they will be excluded from the NSS. “They can always be vaccinated,” he added.

Regarding the fine of 100 euros for the vaccinated over 60, he stressed that it will apply normally. “The fine will run as long as the citizens remain unvaccinated. And as long as the scientists and the WHO judge that there is a risk of a new mutation and force us to shield ourselves with the vaccines, there will be a fine,” he said.

Regarding the statements of the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to the ambassadors of the EU countries, who left open the possibility of a dialogue with Greece at a high level, the government spokesman said that there is still nothing on the horizon regarding the possibility of a direct dialogue. Turkish President with the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

“Turkey insists on aggressive rhetoric towards our country. Turkey’s argument is not accepted by anyone and is a success of our country. Our country has no difficulty in discussing, as long as it is honest, not based on gimmicks. It is enough “The dialogue must be honest. This debate cannot take place outside the framework of UN resolutions and international rules, and must be based on international law. There is still nothing about a direct dialogue at the highest level with Turkey.” underlined Mr. Economou.



Source From: Capital

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