G. Economou to Al. Tsipras: It is unprecedented for one more of his former ministers to be referred and to celebrate – SYRIZA response

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“It is unprecedented that another former minister of his is referred, by a unanimous decision, and that Mr. Tsipras is boasting and celebrating,” emphasized the government representative Yannis Oikonomou in a statement in response to the official opposition leader.

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“Mr. Papagelopoulos, the man whom Mr. Tsipras had entrusted with the protection of Justice, Institutions and transparency is being referred to the Special Court for interfering with Justice. His close associate (one more) is accused, not accuser,” he adds .

The government representative notes that Mr. Tsipras clearly judges the others by himself, saying: “He describes in such detail and clearly the practices of manipulating the Justice, because he applied them during his term, to control the “joints of the system” and transform the Greece in a pariah state, outside the European acquis”.

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“The government sincerely believes and really defends the independence of the Greek Judiciary, which in the end will reveal every aspect of the truth, for everything and everyone” concludes Mr. Economou.


Answer of the Press Office of SYRIZA Progressive Alliance to the government representative:

“It is unprecedented that a government representative has blatantly lied to the Greek people that in two hours they collapsed and still remains in his position. This of course proves that behind the leaks that misled and threw journalists to the rocks was the Maximos Palace. And they are still waiting an apology for the blatant exploitation of their name and the concerted game played behind their backs.

Mr. Economou has lost all credibility to be able to answer the leader of the Official Opposition and address the representatives of the press.

However, it is better to have a word with the citizens about what happened to the alleged Novartis scandal, which for four years had made a flag and yesterday collapsed with a wave. The scandal is gone and the scandal remains. And we have the unprecedented fact that there are not scoundrels who set up the scandal, but scoundrels who set up… scoundrels. The scandal is real and the Greek Justice proved that, despite the pressures, the scammers and the bribe-taking politicians will be taken to the end.

One more thing. The Greek Justice reminded them of one thing, that’s why they are in a panic: the liar and the thief in the first year rejoice”.

Source: Capital

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