G. Gerapetritis: We are moving fast in the modernization of the Public sector

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The Minister of State George Gerapetritis, representing the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the Minister of Interior Makis Voridis inaugurated the Annual Meeting of the high-ranking representatives of the countries – members of the Global Network of O. – OECD – NSG) on “New learning cultures in the public sector after the pandemic” which takes place on June 20 – 21 at the National Center for Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA).

It is noted that this is the first time that the Annual Meeting is held in our country.

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In his address Mr Gerapetritis pointed out that Greece is ready to face the new challenges of the modern era and emphasized the government’s absolute priority to enhance the quality of public sector services through the utilization of modern digital tools. At the same time, the Minister of State enumerated the steps that our country has taken to fight corruption, through the adoption by the National Transparency Authority, the National Plan to Fight Corruption, the implementation of the Internal Control System and Public Administration. of the new recruitment process through ASEP focusing on transparency and reciprocity.

“We are moving rapidly to modernize the public sector,” he concluded.

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Mr Voridis noted, for his part, that the whole of the past was characterized by a series of intense processes for the reform and reform of public administration so that it could be able to perform its regulatory role and face the additional challenges it poses. The development of private businesses. He stressed that, in this direction, the retraining and continuous training of the human resources of the Public Sector was given priority through the upgrading of all public schools but mainly of the National School of Public Administration and Local Government which was transformed into a School of excellence with strict criteria. entry and attendance to it. Finally, he pointed out that Greece, due to the difficult situation in which it found itself in the last decade, emphasized the reform of the Public Administration, gaining an important know-how in this field.

“We are continuing the reforms, but we are doing this from a significantly improved position,” he said.

In her address, the President of EKDDA, Dr. Friday Dramaliotis, he stressed that problems such as bureaucratic anchors, inactivity, or, resistance to change may often occur, though we have to think and act differently. He underlined that in the last year in EKDDA, with the full support and guidance of the Minister of Interior, a very important effort was made with the aim of building a new, ambitious and innovative system of continuous training of its executives. public sector, with respect to timeless principles and values ​​of E.K.D.D.A.

Particular emphasis was placed by the President of the EKDDA. in the very important initiatives undertaken by the Center in the last year. In particular, Ms. Dramalioti referred to the substantial reform of the competition for the admission of the ESDDA, in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior, Expertise France and the French ENA, in the implementation of the 28th admission competition for the selection 160 students, as well as at the beginning of the 29th admission competition in July 2022 for the selection of 135 students, of which 35 places are intended for the executive branch. He also underlined the activation of the executive branch with the implementation of special programs. Ms. Dramaliotis did not fail to emphasize the body’s extroversion flagship actions as well as the cooperation of leadership, digital governance, public policy analysis, with educational institutions abroad and international prestigious universities and schools such as Harvard Kennedy School School, London School of Economics, University CityLondon (UCL).

The head of the Global Network of Schools of Government of the OECD, Professor Geert Bouckaert, said that he was particularly impressed by the progress made by our country in the field of Public Administration and underlined the critical role of the Public Sector in providing services. , in tackling crises and promoting innovation, underlining the contribution of the schools of Public Administration in this direction, as part of an overall solution in favor of society.

The head of the Public Management and Budget department of the Public Governance Directorate of the O.O.S.A. Jón Blöndal pointed out that Greece has instituted and implemented a number of important reforms and stressed that our country could be an example for other countries in this area. “We can all learn from the Greeks,” he said.

The main topics covered by the participants are “Development of a resilient public service of the future”, “Schools of next generation governance”, “Problem solving and the new staff of the Greek public administration”, “Promoting a learning culture to end of career and the role played by the Schools of Government “and the” Governance of the Network of Schools of Government of the OECD and the possible exploitation of the conclusions “. The event was also attended by Secretary General. Human Public Sector, Vivi Charalambogiannis.

Source: Capital

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