G. Oikonomou on Erdogan: He does not want stability, the dynamic return of Greece

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It is absolutely obvious that the continuous strengthening of our country on all fronts makes Mr. Erdoğan feel extremely uncomfortable and oversteps every limit,” government spokesman Yannis Oikonomou said to SKAI, commenting on the Turkish president’s outrageous statement to the Greek people to ” teach a lesson, through the democratic way, to the rulers”,

As Mr. Economou pointed out, “he attempted a crude intervention in the internal affairs of our country. It is quite natural that Mr. Erdogan does not feel comfortable with a government that achieves success for the country, with a government that strengthens the country with an armaments program that consolidates our position as a factor of stability, it is natural that he should be disturbed by a prime minister who has raised the representation of the country to other standards, who has been given a standing ovation by Congress, who meets the president of the United States, who signs major agreements, who enlarges the territory with the agreements he is signing on the EEZ, which has made Greece a protagonist in the Balkans with crucial energy alliances, he is understandably unhappy that the government is ensuring conditions of stability”.

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“Let Mr. Erdogan keep this sadness to himself. Greek society has the maturity and historical knowledge to close its ears to the incredible challenges. As much as Mr. Erdogan is bothered, we will continue. The successes of the government and Mr. Mitsotakis are successes of the homeland, they raise Greece higher, they signal the dynamic return of Greece on all fronts. As long as Mr. Erdogan gets angry, the government and Mr. Mitsotakis will continue in this direction,” he stressed Yiannis Oikonomou.

“Our country will not exist again as a weakling, an outcast,” noted the government representative.

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Source: Capital

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