G. Oikonomou: Subsidy for transport costs and paper costs for press companies

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Subsidy of transport costs and for the first time the cost of press paper of the publishing companies of the press, is foreseen with an amendment submitted and supported by the Deputy Minister in spite of the Prime Minister and government representative, Giannis Oikonomou, in the Parliament.

According to the provisions of the amendment, the grant is unrestricted, it is applied horizontally, while with the JMC that will be issued in the next period, the procedure, the terms and the conditions will be specified.

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The support is considered necessary, in fact it is a constant request of the industry, as in recent years, due to the repeated external crises, there has been a vertical increase in operating costs, transport costs for the distribution and purchase costs of newsprint.

The grant is addressed to publishing companies that publish newspapers and magazines of national circulation, while this time also to companies that publish regional and local newspapers.

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As pointed out during the presentation of the amendment, this intervention is part of the toolbox developed and implemented by the government to support print media businesses and is part of broader government initiatives to strengthen pluralism and pluralism.

Deputy Prime Minister and Government Spokesman Giannis Oikonomou stressed: “The viability of businesses in the sector is a priority and part of the government’s broader strategy to substantially support the press, especially regional and local, pluralism, which are pillars of our Republic “.


Source: Capital

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