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G. Oikonomou to sue Kouloglou: The intimidation he is attempting will not work

“The intimidation that Mr. Kouloglou is attempting will not work,” government spokesman Yiannis Oikonomou said in a statement, after the lawsuit filed against him by the SYRIZA MEP.

Earlier today, Stelios Kouloglou filed a lawsuit against the government representative, speaking of an “orchestrated attack” and an attempt to “slander him”, due to a statement by G. Economou accusing the SYRIZA MEP of an anti-national attitude.

Mr. Kouloglou also sent an out-of-court notice to the iefimerida website for a related publication.

For his part, G. Economou comments that “Polakakis, hypocritically, fighting for the freedom of expression and the rights of Mr. Kouloglou, MEP of SYRIZA, filed a lawsuit against me, turning a political issue into a judicial one. The intimidation he is attempting will not perform”.

According to the Deputy Minister of the Prime Ministers and government representative, “Mr. Kouloglou can consider himself a “rightist” and an advocate of open borders. We do not. However, this does not give him the right to tarnish the work of the Greek Government for the protection of the Motherland and the enormous contribution of the human resources of our Security Forces, who daily defend our sovereignty with absolute respect for human rights”.

At the end, Mr. Economou wonders if “does SYRIZA agree with the attempt to criminalize the political opinion and the indirect censorship that Mr. Kouloglou is trying to exercise in the media”, while closing he mockingly comments in a postscript that “Mr. Kouloglou needed a dictionary to understand the word ego. I would advise him to look at any logic textbook either, because his claims are the products of a horrible logical fallacy.”

Source: Capital

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