G. Oikonomou: We are running an immediate information campaign on the need to expand vaccination coverage

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The amendment for the direct conclusion of public contracts with the media, for the promotion and registration of advertising messages, aims at the improvement of the current legal framework, according to the Deputy Minister in addition to the Prime Minister and government representative, Giannis Oikonomou. Presenting the amendment, which was included in the discussed bill on strategic investments and technoblasts, Mr. Economou said that, with the current Presidential Decree 261/97, the possibility of the State (ministries) to conclude direct contracts with the media, however, existed. need for clarification. The new regulation gives the ministries the opportunity to pay the media directly for the promotion and registration of their advertising message, based on the “media plan” that will be submitted by the contractor, which will result from a tender process, explained Mr. Economou. Finally, Mr. Economou said that for the (same) reasons of legal certainty, speed and additional transparency, the regulation also covers the outstanding payments of 2021.

“The tabling of the amendment was deemed necessary in order to proceed with the necessary procedures without the problems, bureaucracies, and ambiguities that existed in the past, in order to run an immediate and fast TV information campaign on the need to extend vaccination coverage with the 1st and 3rd dose “he said characteristically.

In the question of the parliamentary representative of SYRIZA Chr. Charity for the need for retroactivity of the regulation but also the assessment of the parliamentary representative of the Greek Solution K. Hita for “confession of opacity” by the government, Mr. Economou stressed that “obviously (the amendment) does not constitute an admission of opacity: The previous campaigns They are based on special ministerial decisions that are in force, based on Presidential Decree 261/97. What we are doing is to create a clearer legal basis, without delays and bureaucracies. “For bureaucratic reasons, it has not yet become clear whether it will be repaid. “Nothing more, nothing less,” said Mr Economou.



Source From: Capital

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