G. Oikonomou: We claim a clear mandate of self-reliance so that citizens feel the required confidence

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“Within the given international environment and knowing the Greek political history and our political culture, it is self-evident that the social and national interest is served by independent and strong governments” noted in an interview with the newspaper “Macedonia tis Kyriakis” the deputy minister in addition to the prime minister and government spokesman Yannis Oikonomou and emphasized: “This is not a time for hesitations, obstructions and small party strategies. We claim a clear mandate of self-reliance so that citizens feel the required confidence to move forward with their lives as they want”.

“The country needs a government that is effective and not a pawn of everyone. A government that is not a pawn in the illusions of grandeur and power of irresponsible politicians,” he says.

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Mr. Economou estimates that the good moments in the three years are the drastic reduction of unemployment and the increase of the basic salary, the reduction of taxes, the program to protect society and businesses from the consequences of successive crises, the management of the invasion of the Evros , the rebirth of the NHS in the midst of a pandemic and the Prime Minister’s historic speech to Congress, which changed the level of the country’s international presence.

He also underlines that the political will of the government is more jobs, less taxes and better public education. “To bring the Greek’s income and purchasing power to the level of the most prosperous European countries” he adds.

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Regarding the future of Greek-Turkish relations after the NATO Summit, Mr. Oikonomou after noting that Turkey has recently increased the tension, using false and ahistorical claims, which are contrary to international legitimacy, international treaties and international justice, emphasizes: “Greece, with a sober and effective policy, has managed to strengthen and upgrade its traditional alliances, conclude new ones, decisively strengthen its deterrent capacity, make clear our rights and Turkish delinquency in all international fora. Our positions are even universally accepted”.

“The agreement between Finland, Sweden and Turkey, which initiates the process for the two Nordic countries to join NATO, essentially constitutes a folding of Turkey and does not in any way affect the interests of Greece, nor can it affect EU relations. E.-Turkey” he adds.

Finally, speaking about the dilemma of the elections, the government representative emphasizes “whoever wants seriousness, stability, institutional adherence, security, efficiency, social concern, reliability, confidence, respect for values ​​and ideals, knows that the New Democracy will ensure them”.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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