G. Oikonomou: We endure because through effective governance our economy outperforms

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“The developments regarding the economy in the environment of unprecedented crises since the Second World War present two aspects: on the one hand, the data that confirms that our economy has acquired very strong foundations and records extremely positive performances thanks to the even our structured plan from the start and the professional implementation of it by the government. On the other hand, the developments regarding the flows and prices of natural gas seem to be in store for an extremely difficult winter for the whole of Europe,” said the government official representative, Yiannis Oikonomou, starting the briefing of the political editors. “These two complementary aspects are the main reason why Greece endures and has not been crushed in the entanglements of enormous international pressures. We endure because through a stable and effective governance, our economy outperforms. Otherwise, a country like ours in the post-memorandum period would have kneel,” he emphasized.

Then he specifically referred to data on the economic situation of our country, that is, foreign direct investments which last year recorded the highest performance of the last 20 years, the exports of goods and services which set a historical record in 2021, the turnover of all businesses which he presented increase in the first half of 2022 by 32% compared to the first half of 2019, the decrease in the unemployment rate which was 12.1% in June and the workers reach 4.2 million, the highest reading since February 2011 “The index of industrial production increased by 8.4% on an annual basis in June and of course as everyone knows Tourism has returned very strongly, travel receipts reached 2.6 billion euros in June 2022 and 5.1 billion euros at the six-month level”.

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He emphasized that this course gives us the weapons to endure. He reiterated, however, that at the same time the international environment is covered by clouds that portend an extremely difficult winter. It was mentioned in the prime minister’s words to the cabinet that Russia is now attacking Europe as a whole with the weapon of natural gas, with its prices ten times higher than at the beginning of the crisis, pushing up the cost of electricity and fueling unprecedented inflationary pressures.

An extraordinary meeting of EU energy ministers on September 9 has already been decided to assess the prospects that are being deleted and to take decisions, while the Commission is working on an urgent intervention and a structural reform of the electricity market, he said, and recalled the interventions of the Prime Minister to take measures at the European level and the specific proposals he had formulated.

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“At the national level, the government has proven that it knows and can raise dykes in the increases in order to relieve to a certain extent the pressure on the daily life of citizens”, Mr. Economou then emphasized with reference to measures taken for electricity bills current but also the general support in society against accuracy.

He then said that “resources are not inexhaustible and we must not forget that if the State today is able to support households and businesses for electricity bills, it also owes it to the prudent policy, which increased public wealth of the country. Therefore, as the Prime Minister mentioned, the measures will be measured and weighed so that the temporary needs do not undermine the national priorities”.

He underlined that in any case “the absolute priority of the government in the next period is to deal with the energy crisis and to relieve the citizens to the maximum extent possible”.

Continuing his introductory presentation, he referred to Immigration and specifically to the case of the 38 immigrants in Evros. He said that the minister, Mr. Mitarakis, is submitting today to the Supreme Court prosecutor a report with the data concerning both the entry of the 38 immigrants from Evros on the 15th of August and the reports about the dead child. A relevant update was also made yesterday in the Parliament, and this is because, as he pointed out, “significant inconsistencies” emerge from the analysis of the data so far. He referred to specific relevant evidence which, together with others, is placed at the disposal of the Court.

He emphasized that loss of life on Greek soil has not been confirmed by any source, by any evidence in this particular case and criticized the attitude of SYRIZA as irresponsible and nationally damaging.

In closing, he mentioned that the personal doctor registration platform opens today for citizens who have reached the age of 16 in the regions of Attica and South Aegean.


Source: Capital

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