G. Papandreou: Consumer pays for marble from inflation and accuracy

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“Red” loans and accuracy were the two important issues that the former Prime Minister, George Papandreou, discussed with the presidency of the Greek Consumers’ Union.

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After the meeting, the candidate for leadership in the Movement for Change stressed that “there is a major moral and political issue, so immediate and decisive government intervention is required.” He even referred to the recent statements of the Governor of the Bank of Greece that he finds a serious problem in the way the red loan management companies treat the borrowers and called on the government to finally exercise its regulatory role.

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“Unfortunately, both this and the previous government, while they faced with lies and hypocrisy our law for the indebted households, left the house at the mercy of the funds”, noted Mr. Papandreou.

In terms of accuracy, he said that inflation is also affected by external factors at this time. He stressed, however, that “in our country, the external crisis has shown structural problems, with the result that the consumer always pays for the marble”.

“Not only should all these increases be transferred to the final product, but space should be created for all kinds of speculators. It is clear that the Competition Commission is not fulfilling its role. But this is one side of the coin,” he added. There is a need to boost the disposable income of citizens by first raising the minimum wage immediately.

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