G. Papandreou proposes three discussions in three thematic sections with all the candidates

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George Papandreou’s representative, Efi Halatsi, came up with a proposal for three (3) public debates in three (3) thematic sections at the meeting of the competent Committee (EDEKAP) of the Movement for Change for the election of a new leadership.

According to the proposal published by the press office of George Papandreou, 3 thematic public discussions are proposed between the candidates on the following sections:

1. Fair transition to the new productive model – Green Development

2. Challenges for Democracy and institutions today

3. Welfare State and Modern Social Democracy

It is suggested that the discussions be conducted using the internet and live TV and with sufficient response time for all candidates (4 ‘+ 4’ + 1 ‘- introductory position, deuterology and closing, respectively), so that each important topic is be able to discuss in detail in sufficient time devoting 75-90 minutes to each topic. Public television to broadcast in a modern way all the discussions that will be decided. The details will obviously be discussed in the committee responsible.

In the announcement of the press office of G. Papandreou, it is noted that “what happened in the last period, formed new data, which brought our Party in the center of interest and contributed to the attention of the democratic and progressive citizens to be directed towards us. “This is a time when we are all judged.

The former prime minister’s side emphasizes that “the experience of the past has shown that a single televised discussion with minute answers and impressions is of no interest to anyone and that a public debate should take place at the height of the Party’s history and its ambitious perspective and not a reality show “.

He points out that he wants a dialogue essential for the problems and needs of the citizens and the country, for the citizens to know, not the communication smears of the candidates, but their full ideological and political identity, this dialogue to be a wake-up call and a starting point for great democratic participation. and our progressive fellow citizens in our internal electoral process, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by new technologies.

“These are preconditions for creating a large and strong faction that will determine the developments and will be a credible governmental force”, underlines the side of George Papandreou.

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Source From: Capital

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