G. Papandreou: Renewal is not an age issue – I do not give up, I can unite

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Renewal is not an age issue, stressed speaking to SKAI George Papandreou, former prime minister and president of PASOK, candidate for the presidency of KINAL.

“We need renewal. I think we are all in favor of renewal but renewal is not just an age issue,” he said, stressing that age is not a certification of renewal but it is evident in the ideas.

“In being able to strike tightly, which do not allow parts of the Greek people, parts of society to play an essential role,” he further explained.

Asked to answer in particular, as to whether he thinks that the renewal perspective does not characterize the ideas of Nikos Androulakis, the former prime minister stressed that he really distinguishes this by giving a series of examples.

“I do not believe it at all. I will give you an example. I brought Open Gap, a new practice. I brought clarity. To have transparency in the process, not only in the Movement but also in the state, but also to have meritocratic choices for the highest executives such as the General Secretaries and Governors of large Organizations ”

“As soon as the government changed and that of Mr. Samaras came, with the party secretary Mr. Androulakis we went to a logic of the prefecture of power. Four New Democracy, Two PASOK, One Mr. Kouvelis”

“That is, again the division of power, again the old party perception, these are what I fight for a lifetime”, he summed up, emphasizing that they are not issues of age but of will to “break eggs”, a logic that he has and will continue to have.

Mr. Papandreou is claiming the leadership of the faction, having won the second position, in votes, with his “opponent” Nikos Androulakis, who was the winner of the first round of elections.

“My main goal was to bring the party back to the forefront of politics with great participation,” he said, adding that this was achieved.

As he underlined, the issue is that the active interest shown by the citizens around KINAL is not an occasional phenomenon, and this will be ensured from the next day and in particular it will be related to who will be at the reins of the party.

“If there will be a leadership that will advance the party with a progressive goal, close to the popular forces, with reform proposals that will embrace real and wider strata,” he observed.

“Of course he would like a better result, but that is always the policy,” he said

“But we are in the second round and we will fight it,” he added.

In any case, the former prime minister clarified that in case he is not elected, there is no question of not supporting the new leader.

“I will fight for my principles in every corner,” he said.


Source From: Capital

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