G. Papandreou: Yesterday’s mass participation is a strong message of hope and responsibility

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The former Prime Minister and MP of KINAL, George Papandreou, welcomed yesterday the mass participation of the members of the faction in the internal party voting, noting that it is a strong message of hope and responsibility.

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“It is up to us to respond to the trust shown to us by the people of the Party, our members, to raise the sun high, to give progressive and democratic solutions to the great problems of society,” the former prime minister said in a statement.

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He added that the members decided that, at this juncture, it is necessary to combine the legacy of the history and principles of PASOK with the breadth of the Movement for Change, which embraced forces from the wider progressive space and kept alive our autonomous identity.

He defends the positive social achievements of PASOK that changed Greece and made it a viable and dynamic partner in Europe and in the world.

“In the most difficult moments of the country we have always acted responsibly, putting above all the interest of the Greek people”, stresses George Papandreou and points out: “Today, on the way to our Conference, let us present the big picture to put above The essence of politics, the one that serves the vision that inspired our struggles, not the short-sighted confrontation of micro-politics, conditions to give dynamically and victoriously the next big battle of the parliamentary elections “.

“To make PASOK-Movement for Change, the great radical body of hope that responds to the best moments of our history”, concludes George Papandreou.

Source: Capital

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