G. Tsakiris: An important growth factor for our country, the young and innovative entrepreneurship

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“An important growth factor for our country is now the young and innovative entrepreneurship. These two days, there are more than 60 investment schemes in our country, looking at our own innovative companies.”

This was noted by the Deputy Minister of Development and Investment, Giannis Tsakiris, speaking today on SKAI TV.

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The Undersecretary also stressed that “we have already simplified the procedures of the NSRF. All support actions against Covid19 were carried out electronically, and for the first time, while the action remained open, the companies that had been approved were paid at the same time.

In the new NSRF we simplify the procedures even more and the company will be able to know in a very short period of time – maybe within 30 days – whether it is included or not, in order to proceed with the investment. “Because it is now a European regulation not to give advances from the NSRF, but to give the money once the investment has progressed”.

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Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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