G. Tsakiris: Pre-announcement of a program announcement of 100 million euros

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“In a short time we will announce through the Hellenic Development Investment Bank a program of 100 million, which will concern investment companies that invest in start-up technology companies.”

This was announced today by the Deputy Minister of Development and Investment, Giannis Tsakiris, in an interview with the newspaper “Parapolitika”.

Specifically, when asked about the effort to support start-up entrepreneurship, the Undersecretary said:

“Start-ups, especially in recent years, have grown a lot in Greece, obviously with the help of the government and especially through financial tools that we have created and which invest in these companies and help them grow. It is important, for example, the In the last two years, the acquisitions of such companies by global players here in Greece, where when an acquisition is made, even more money is invested, more jobs are created and this has a lot of positives. We have various financial instruments that invest in such companies – for example, in the near future we will announce through the Hellenic Development Bank an investment program of 100 million which will concern investment companies that invest in start-up technology companies. So, this ecosystem in Greece is growing geometrically and if we continue like this, really the picture in 3 to 4 years, in this entrepreneurship, will be completely different in Greece. “Greece can be a destination and especially for what we call” digital nomads “, which is a part of this market, a destination for such companies, but also for a high level of employees”.

Asked if there will be changes in the new NSRF as to when each call will remain open, Mr. Tsakiris said: “Especially for companies as we plan, it is not to have fragmented invitations, but to have big invitations Therefore, we do not focus on one sector, we focus on eligible costs. “We will give, depending on the investment, a reasonable period of time for the company to make its investment, in case it does not, it will automatically respond, so that the next one who wants to make the investment will make it.”

He added: “υπάρχ The existing NSRF is at its end, the next one has already started theoretically and it is the last cycle, the funds we have left, target sectors that we did not strengthen before, we are trying to strengthen them. It is the organization of conferences , event organization, event catering services, etc. So they are small industries, it is a cost of just over 40 million, which will be subsidized in the same way that catering and tourism were subsidized, ie with an 8% of turnover that they had in 2019, if and when they have a drop in turnover compared to ’19, more than 50% It is the last cycle and it does not come only from us NSRF for working capital, because that’s what it’s, it ends in a few months “.


Source From: Capital

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