G. Tsakiris: The new ‘Eskoyano’ Program is expected to start immediately

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In the Environment and Climate Change program, the “Excoionamo” program will continue, which is expected to start immediately, while Greco islands interventions will be financed.

This is what the Deputy Minister of Development and Investments Yiannis Tsakiris points out on social media, on the occasion of what he mentions in his article in libre, regarding the priorities of the energy policy in the coming years in Greece.

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Among other things, the deputy minister states the following:

In the Environment and Climate Change Program, the “SAVE” Program will continue, which is expected to start immediately, while Greco islands Interventions will be financed.

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Also, the Energy interconnection of islands with the continental trunk and the country’s anti-flood defense are expected to be completed, while Modern Recovery and Recycling Units (RRF) are expected to change the image of our country in the field of waste management.

However, we will also have significant investments from the Civil Protection Program for the equipment, but also for the prevention, response – management and early warning systems for natural risks not related to the climate and man-made risks, as well as for firefighting equipment.

In the area of ​​circular economy we are expected to achieve the annual recycling of more than 2.3 million tons of waste of which 1.88 million tons will be available for utilization as raw materials. At the same time, in the energy sector we are now ensuring the energy upgrade of more than 52,000 homes and 950,000 sq.m. public buildings.

However, the increase in renewable energy production capacity by 214 MW is expected to be significant from the NSRF resources. Of course, our interventions in the transport systems will also contribute to the completion and upgrading of the infrastructure even in island and remote areas of our country, significantly strengthening sustainable urban transport both with the Metro projects in Athens and Thessaloniki, and with the creation of more of 240 refueling/recharging points for pure electric vehicles, reducing emissions.

He concludes his article by stating: “Despite any difficulties, we look to our economic and energy future with particular optimism. Greece can and will become the green champion of Europe.”

Source: Capital

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