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G20 leaders face challenge to prove they can help developing nations

Its leaders G20 are meeting today Saturday in New Delhi, with a goal overcome their differences over Ukraine and dealing with climate change and demonstrate that they are ready to take concrete action in favor of developing countries.

India, which chairs this year’s group of major Western and emerging economies, has expressed a desire to be the voice that expresses “the needs of the countries of the South.”

The G20 should at least send a message to Africa by welcoming the African Union as a permanent member. The initiative of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been supported by many member countries, including the US and the EU.

Although a veto by a G20 member country is always a possibility, a senior official in India’s foreign ministry, Vinay Kwatra, said he expected a decision to be made this morning at the summit, to which the president of the Comoros Islands has been invited. Azali Assoumani, whose country currently holds the presidency of the African Union.

However the G20 countries risk not reaching an agreement on geopolitical issues or tackling climate change. Issues that have serious consequences for developing countries, which are most affected by extreme weather events linked to climate change but also by food insecurity caused by the war in Ukraine.

The absence of concrete climate commitments will be a “potentially catastrophic” failure for G20 countries, which account for 85% of global GDP and account for 80% of greenhouse gases, Amnesty International warned on Thursday.

“Dysfunctional” family

Disagreements within the G20 over countries’ stances on Russia, phasing out fossil fuels and debt restructuring for developing nations make it difficult to issue a joint final statement tomorrow sunday

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned that growing disagreements could lead to conflict.

“Although we are indeed a global family, today we look like a rather dysfunctional family”he told reporters in New Delhi on Thursday. “Differences grow, tensions explode and trust erodes — which, when put together, raises the specter of fragmentation and, ultimately, confrontation.”he emphasized.

In the absence of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, Joe Biden is expected to take center stage.

He will discuss “series of joint efforts to address global problems”especially climate change, and to “alleviate the economic and social impact of Russia’s war in Ukraine,” which affects the poorest countries, White House National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan pointed out.

Biden will also propose a Western alternative to China’s massive investment plans in developing countries, while calling for increased financing capabilities from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Source: News Beast

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