G7 Summit: Participation in the protest rally is limited – See pictures

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Unexpectedly limited was the participation in the central protest rally held today in Munich on the occasion of its Summit Group of Seven, which starts tomorrow in Upper Bavaria. The organizers express their frustration.

Munich police said there were 4,000 participants, while the 15 organizations that had sent the invitation had announced at least 20,000 and finally reported that only 6,000 had participated. of Nature “(Friends of Nature) Uwe Hicks and added that already in recent days it seemed that the mobilization was not very dynamic. Trying to interpret the attitude of the citizens, he noted that the leftists and greens who usually participate in such rallies now think that, due to the war, it may not be the right time to express our opposition to the leadership.

At least 3,000 police officers were mobilized to guard the demonstration, while a total of more than 18,000 people were mobilized for the security of the Summit.

Source: News Beast

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