Gabi Petito: Brian Londry’s fiancé found dead, according to the FBI

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The FBI confirmed that the body found in her park Florida belongs to Brian Londry, suitor of the murdered blogger, Gabi Petito. The identification was made using the victim’s dental records, the authorities revealed.

THE Londri he was one of the central figures in the tragic development of his case death of Gabi Petito. He returned to Florida last month, but without his partner after a joint trip. She was later found dead in his area Wyoming at USA. where they traveled.

“A comparison of our dental data revealed that the relic found at the T Mabry Carlton Jr. Memorial Reserve and Myakkahatchee Creed Environmental Park is that of Brian Londry,” FBI in the early hours of Friday (22/10) Greek time.

The lawyer representing his parents Londri “Chris and Roberta Londry have been informed that the body found in the park yesterday is indeed Brian,” he said in a statement.

On Wednesday (20/10) the authorities reported that they found human limbs in a part of the park where until recently they were flooded. During the search, other items belonging to him were found, such as a backpack and a notebook. According to the American television network NBC bones and a skull were also found.

In a brief press conference, the Sheriff of Li County, Carmine Marceno, praised the police officers who worked in very difficult conditions in the park. He stressed that the water reached their chests and was full of alligators and snakes. “It was not like looking for a house or a car. “This area is huge and covered by water,” he said.

The case of the 22-year-old Petito and the 23-year-old Londri shocked them USA. and not only. The couple spent the summer on a long trip to their national parks USA. recording their “nomadic” life on social media. Then it became known that Londri returned to Florida without the Petito on the 1st of September. Her family repeatedly asked him Londri to cooperate with the authorities, but after a while he also disappeared.

His parents said they last saw him on September 13. Six days later she was found dead Petito and according to the forensic examination he was strangled to death. THE Londri he had not been charged with any crime in connection with the death of his partner though FBI issued an arrest warrant for him for using her debit card after her death.

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