Gabriel is accused of racist phrase at BBB23 after comparing Bruno’s hair with “carpet”

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Gabriel Fop, a BBB23 participant, was accused of making a racist comment this Monday (30), when he said that Bruno’s hair, which is black, is “hard” and “looks like grass carpet”, laughing at then.

On social networks, several people recovered the moment in question and stressed that the phrase would reinforce veiled racism, discrimination that also occurs in everyday actions, for example.

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Moments later, Larissa said that Bruno would have been embarrassed. Amanda, in turn, highlighted: “oh no… yeah, that’s heavy”.

Until the closing of this note, Gabriel’s family or representatives outside the Reality Show had not commented on what happened.

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He is also accused of having a toxic relationship with Bruna Griphao, having been warned by presenter Tadeu Schmidt about his attitudes on the program.

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In this case, the participant’s family apologized for Gabriel’s jokes and speeches.

The hashtag #ForaGabrielFop was at the top of Trending Topics in Brazil this Monday afternoon. He’s on the BB23 wall, along with Domtilia and Cezar Black.

See the moment when Gabriel comments on Bruno’s hair:

*published by Tiago Tortella, from CNN

Source: CNN Brasil

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