Gabriel’s family speaks after scolding at BBB23: “We hope it serves as a learning experience”

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The family of the model Gabriel Tavares spoke out on social media after the BBB23 participant took a live scolding from presenter Tadeu Schmidt about his relationship with actress Bruna Griphao.

In a statement, family members, friends and administrators of Gabriel’s profiles apologized for Gabriel’s jokes and speeches.

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“We hope that yesterday’s message, made by the production, live, serves for reflection and learning for both parties, inside and outside the house”, writes the note.

“Anyone who knows Gab, knows his nature and knows the giant size of his heart”, he concludes.

toxic relationship

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This Sunday’s episode (23) of BBB23 was marked by an alert that the presenter Tadeu Schmidt gave to the participants about the couple formed between Gabriel and Bruna Griphao.

“It’s not a dialogue, it’s a touch”, pointed out Tadeu.

He quoted some phrases said by other reality participants, who called the couple “very annoying” and “toxic”.

Gabriel and Bruna talk after a message from Tadeu Schmidt

“Do you realize that something is wrong? I’m here to issue a warning before it’s too late. Those who are involved in a relationship, perhaps, don’t even realize it, think it’s normal. But those outside can see when the limits are about to be seriously exceeded”, declared Tadeu.

He recalled Bruna and Gabriel’s dialogues, in which the actress said she was “the man in the relationship” and the model said: “But you’re going to take some elbows in the mouth.”

“Gabriel, in an affective relationship, certain things cannot be said even as a joke. This is the message I wanted to leave for you”, warned Tadeu.

After the message given in the “live” of the program, Gabriel called Bruna to the corridor and tried to convince her to openly defend him: “We have such a good connection, just for fun. Do you feel in a toxic relationship? I think you have to make that very clear. I didn’t understand. I’m almost feeling sick, because that doesn’t suit me.”

Later, in a conversation in the Desert Room, the two reached an agreement to part ways.

“I think we really need to move away, it’s not cool. It’s okay, I just think we could really step back and play our game. It’s not just your fault, it’s my fault too. I think if we don’t move away now, we’ll be ignoring the stuff”, said Griphao.

“I will never disrespect you again, my attitudes will change. I don’t want us to be related because I don’t want you connected to me. We’ll find a way, let’s go little by little. I’ll wake up good tomorrow. Let’s wait a bit, calm the head”, said Gabriel.

* Posted by Leo Lopes

Source: CNN Brasil

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