Gaetano Bruno: “The limit is a possibility”

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For Gaetano Bruno, limits have never represented an obstacle, but a chance to grow, improve and, above all, look around. “Every experience is different and every limit helps me to deal with the desire to overcome it”, he tells on the phone from Trieste, busy filming the third season of The Red Door which we will see on Rai2 in 2022. In the meantime, however, it certainly cannot be said that Bruno in the last year has remained in a panciolle. After bewitching Hollywood with his performance in the fourth season of Fargo, conquered the audience of the third season of The hunter in the role of the mafioso Pietro Aglieri; is preparing to be the only Italian actor in an international mega-production such as House of Gucci, which we will see at the cinema on December 16, and to enter the hearts of fans of DOC – In your hands in January in the role of a new character, the neurosurgeon Edoardo Valenti.

Gaetano Bruno The Hunter 3

“The trick is never to feel you have arrived”, reveals Gaetano, a product aware of a “mess” that never seems to end. «It’s a continuous sowing: being chosen for an audition and always having a test to pass makes me feel incredibly good. It is an important moment of confrontation », insists Bruno, who has always been attentive to the search for nuances and light years away from the flatness which some characters are trying to classify. As in the case of Pietro Aglieri The Hunter 3, the last episode of which will be broadcast tonight, November 10, in prime time on Rai2.

How did you find yourself in the shoes of such a multifaceted character as Aglieri?
«He is a particularly determined and intelligent character who obtains the results not with the head-on collision, but by bypassing the obstacle. Try to be an example for others; he is very religious and, in the name of this, I think he tries to justify some of his behaviors ».

Do you ever get around the obstacles?
“In my private life, perhaps out of fear or for convenience, I tried not to face several difficult moments, but experience has taught me that things, sooner or later, come back under another guise. I prefer to face all my obstacles, a bit like the rock stars who go up on stage and have suffered a return of the public ».

In this regard, we will soon see her acting alongside a pop star like Lady Gaga.
«Working with Ridley Scott was a very beautiful experience, an opportunity to meet a great master and be at the service of an Italian story in which I would have liked to see other Italian colleagues involved. As compared to Fargo, here one felt even more the presence of great actors and actresses: when Al Pacino passed, one felt that something huge was moving in the air ».

What role does he play in House of Gucci?
«The trusted man of the family, who pays attention to how Maurizio, the scion of the dynasty, behaves. Also because of Covid, relationships have been very rarefied with everyone, even if I can say that Lady Gaga is an exquisite person: the first day on the set she showed up, hugged us, she had a great desire to speak Italian. It is a volcano of energy, tender as a child ».

As an Italian, what do you think of the fact that the main actors, while acting in English, have retained a foreign inflection?
“I don’t think this choice takes away and adds anything to the film. It is an Italian story sold all over the world, a way to ensure that Americans and Australians, feeling that inflection, could breathe a little more of Italy in their heads. It is a deliberate thing: in this film, nothing has been left to chance ».


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