Gaja Masciale: “Anxiety keeps me alive”

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Gay Joy
Gay Joy
Gay Joy

According to Gay Joy the profession of the actor does not have a point of arrival, but it is a restart every day: «We are constantly evolving. It is a job that opens up so many worlds and possibilities that every time catapults you into a new adventure “, says Gaja, who this autumn is dividing her time between cinema with Even more beautiful, the sequel to On the most beautiful which sees her reprise the role of Federica, and television with Until the last beat, the new fiction by Cinzia TH Torrini made for Raiuno. «I feel anxiety and, at the same time, happiness in discovering what I have done» continues Masciale who, like his character in Claudio Norza’s film, accepts the challenges by breaking the veil of fear, without ever withdrawing.

Do challenges stimulate or scare you?

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«The first reaction is a great fear that then makes me say to myself: ‘You have to do it’. Even when I decided to do this job, I was terribly afraid of questioning myself. At the same time, however, I told myself that maybe I should have tried, otherwise I would never have known. From that moment on I was able to let myself go, relying on the sensations: I’m not saying I’m flying, but at least I open the parachute ».

When did you first open the parachute and decide you wanted to do this job?

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“When I was a child I liked to try sports, from dance to horse riding, but I started to get really passionate about something when, at 13, a friend of my mother’s advised me to take her acting class. From that moment I realized that I never wanted to stop. I went ahead, I joined Silvio D’Amico ».

Ever had plans b?

“I’m a person who has anxiety, even though I think anxiety keeps me alive. The day I took the test to enter Psychology, the third phase at the Academy began: it was written that I should not go. When I finished attending the three years, my parents asked me what I wanted to do, but I immediately felt the need to take things calmly, to welcome what was coming. However, I cultivate the idea of ​​a master’s degree to deepen my cultural background: I like the worlds of philosophy and psychology, everything that could enrich my work ».

So do you believe in fate?

“Yup. I believe that what belongs to us will somehow reach us. It takes patience, you have to keep the antennas activated, and be good at letting go. Much of it, however, is our will, our choices and our decisions that really affect ”.

Before she was 13, what did she think her fate would be?

«I was constantly changing my mind: one day I wanted to be a policewoman and the next a fashion designer. I was very confused until I met acting on my path. “


«Working abroad, dealing with great actors like Meryl Streep and with extraordinary authors like Paolo Sorrentino, who has a poetic and realistic vision of life that fascinates me».

What is your greatest talent?

“Maintain humanity and not be overwhelmed by the idea of ​​success or overwhelming others. To be governed not by the need to stand back, but to be aware of what one is. After all, if we think about it, we are nothing ».

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