Gamblers Pick: Interest in NFT keeps on publishing in the media

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After analyzing 31,000 posts on the topic of NFT in subreddits and more than 3,000 headlines mentioning this type of tokens, the Gamblers Pick project team came to some rather interesting conclusions.

Their report shows that the popularity of NFTs in online communities can correlate with their sales figures in March and April. You don’t need to be seven inches in the forehead to admit that it was after the famous Christie’s auction, at which the artist Beeple sold his NFT for $ 69 million, that non-fungible tokens became known to a wide audience.

The growth in interest in NFT was reflected on social media and other online platforms, for example, in one week, the number of NFT-related posts on Reddit increased to 3500.

Experts also note that NFTs are mostly viewed positively in online communities, with only 12% expressing negative feelings. The NBA Top Shot collection received the most positive comments, with Opensea leading the way in overall mentions.

With Opensea being the largest NFT trading platform with a whopping $ 4 billion in August sales, it is no surprise that it is the most featured in the media and has the most publicity.

In addition, well-known publications with a wide readership and loyal subscribers have helped to raise awareness of NFT. The New York Times, Forbes, and Business Insider have used the word “NFT” in their headlines more than once in recent months.

After analyzing mentions of NFT in 3000 headlines among 143 publications, the Gamblers Pick team emphasized that the attitude of the media to this topic is more ambiguous than in the Internet communities: 31% are positive, 54% are neutral. The Street, Benzinga, Forbes and Business Insider covered NFT news extensively and in detail.

Interestingly, many articles were posted in the financial and business sections of the media. This is because NFTs are often perceived as an investment.

NFTs have formed their communities, use cases and marketplaces. There is no doubt that over time, the focus will shift from finance, perhaps exclusively to digital art.

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