Game Developers Conference poll: 70% of video game developers are not ready to implement NFT

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Two-thirds of game developers are not interested in collectible tokens, according to a survey conducted by the organizers of the Game Developers conference.

Organizers of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) conducted a survey among 2,700 game developers. It turned out that 70% of respondents have no interest in NFTs at all, 21% of survey participants pay little attention to them, 7% show strong curiosity, and only 1% answered that they are already working on creating their own non-fungible tokens.

When asked if game studios can use digital assets as a payment instrument, 72% of developers answered in the negative. They do not intend to use cryptocurrencies to pay for goods and in-game items. 21% of developers are only somewhat interested, 6% expressed their willingness to study this issue in more detail, and only 1% of studios are already using crypto assets.

The authors of the GDC study noted that some developers called collectible tokens the future of the gaming industry. However, the vast majority of respondents were against the introduction of NFTs due to the high risk of fraud and the emergence of financial pyramids, problems with monetization and possible negative impact on the environment.

Some game creators believe that the introduction of NFT into games will not bring any benefit, since the tokens will not be in demand among the players. According to these developers, collectible tokens cover too small an audience. Many game developers are completely convinced that NFTs feed people’s greed for big money. These people read stories about cryptocurrency millionaires and don’t know that “in fact, NFTs can be unstable and look extremely unethical.”

Major developers have already started developing blockchain-based games using NFTs. In December, the French company Ubisoft launched the Ubisoft Quartz platform in test mode for trading and exchanging collectible tokens that will be used in game projects. However, video game publisher Sega said last week that it would not implement NFT if gamers didn’t like the idea.

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