Gaming service Vulcan Forged lost about $ 100 million as a result of hacker attack

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NFT-based gaming platform Vulcan Forged reported the theft of 4.5 million PYR (about $ 100 million) from users’ cryptocurrency wallets.

Gaming platform Vulcan Forged
reported on Twitter that was cyberattacked. Attackers hacked 148 wallets and stole 4.5 million PYR tokens worth $ 100 million. The company said that hackers have stolen private key data from users and it cannot do anything.

“We are powerless to prevent users who have their private keys stolen from being hacked into cryptocurrency wallets.”

As a precaution, the team moved to a fully decentralized wallet setup. The company advised users to transfer tokens to Metamask and assured that the Vulcan Forged platform will compensate users for the stolen money. The site published the wallet address (0x48ad05a3B73c9E7fAC5918857687d6A11d2c73B1), to which users’ tokens were withdrawn to prevent other protocols from being hacked.

The team contacted all cryptocurrency exchanges to blacklist the hacker’s address. The platform operator expressed the hope that information about the hacker can be stored on one of the cryptocurrency exchanges with which Vulcan Forged cooperates. Using this lead, the platform’s security service will be able to initiate an investigation and search for the stolen cryptocurrency.

Closer to the New Year, hackers became more active. Yesterday, attackers withdrew $ 60 million worth of tokens on Ethereum and on other blockchains worth about $ 20 million from the hot wallet of the AscendEX exchange. Last week, Bitmart lost $ 100 million in ether and $ 50 million in other cryptocurrencies as a result of a cyberattack. In the same week, more than $ 60 million in cryptocurrencies were stolen from the DAO Badger project.

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